We at Vincci Capital have made our goal to be straightforward, easy and transparent to understand. Our Tax division, through Bufete Buades, offers Tax, Accounting and Financial advice.

Planning your tax and financial strategy is a must nowadays; no matter if you are already a resident or if you are investing away from home. Our legal & tax department can take care of all aspects of your investment, whether you are a resident in Spain or not.


We offer tax advice on direct, local or VAT taxes where we can prepare, present and follow up on your tax returns. If your strategy includes creating a corporation we can either execute this on behalf of the investor and overview tax matters according to the Spanish accounting principles or simply give you support and advice on how to proceed.

If you intend to create a business we can also assist you in all aspects of its daily operation, including the return of your profits (corporate or personal) and abroad if necessary. Finally, we will also provide you financial advice and assistance in dealing with the Spanish banks, the treasury (Agencia Tributaria) and the Banco de España.



Purchase taxes (“IVA” – Spanish VAT or transfer tax)

Local / annual taxes in Spain

Income tax in Spain

Wealth tax in Spain

Capital gains tax calculations in Spain & abroad

Appointment of fiscal representative in Spain