Hotel Assets

With more than 25 years of experience across hotel investment consultancy including  hotel real estate, hospitality management, development and investment solutions, Vincci Capital is your long-term strategic partner to help you define objectives, and to guide you through the optimization process. We provide you sustainable solutions in investment and exit optimization consistently securing your interest with discrete transaction management.

Always concerned with the conflict of interest against common market practice, we act only on behalf of investors, owners, developers and lenders, which allows us to implement the developed strategy without restrictions of potential losses in business relationships with operators. Our number one priority is to be your trusted partner and to ensure that your interests are consistently safeguarded.


Assistance in the selection process of suitable product profiles for the investor, or actively seeking products that might correspond to the alleged investment from our wide portfolio of hotel products.

Investment Optimization

Exit Optimization

Discrete Off-Market Transactions

Performance Management


Directing and supervising due diligence processes

Brand Design

Crisis Management

Cost Technical Services

Contract Asset Management

Negotiation Selection

Analysis and verification of accounting and financial statements provided by the investor

Hotel Funds/Capital Structuring

Management search and selection of professionals for business (Hotel Management)

Risk Prevention/Interim Management

Acquisition and Sales

Strategic selection of secure-yield investment opportunities in the hotel sector

Investment Optimization through Owner-focused negotiations with operators and third parties

Concept and Capital Expenditure Planning

Exit Optimization through our Asset & Performance Management

Planning, controlling and monitoring Hotel real estate restoration projects

We commit to offer expert and objective commercial real estate advice and asset management services

With more than 25 years of experience in Hotel Real Estate, Vincci Capital is your long-term strategic

With over 20 years of professional experience in buying, selling, managing and developing residential

Aircrafts are an attractive alternative or complementary investment to the Real Estate business