Our legal advisor, Bufete Buades, is a multidisciplinary legal firm founded in 1979, with its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca. Their specialization enables us to offer a comprehensive service which includes preventative and anticipatory policies, legal defence, negotiations and representation of clients’ interests, both in and out of court and before government agencies. Each of these tasks is always handled with team work and in-depth analysis.

They have one of the most up-to-date structures in the sector, consisting of a multidisciplinary and highly specialized legal team with extensive experience of providing the highest quality comprehensive advice. This team is efficiently helped by a highly reliable administrative department which is committed to excellence in service provision, as well as by IT tools and other material resources which facilitate the provision of rigorous and committed advice.

Areas of practice

Civil Liability and Damages

Property, Building and Planning Law

Rights to Payment

Administrative and Constitutional Law

Family, Probate and Succession Law

Labour Law and Social Security

Commercial Law

International Desk

Bankruptcy Law

Criminal Law

Tourism Law

Arbitration and Mediation