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'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'
Leonardo Da Vinci

Vincci Capital is a leading provider of asset management, wealth management, mergers & acquisitions, and investment visas solutions together with legal & tax services for individuals, families, corporations and institutions worldwide.

Our dedicated team draws on deep extensive experience and proven performance with their individual knowledge of each investment domain, asset class and market, together with their success shown over the past 25 years of professional accomplishments and personal network. This specialized expertise is what allows Vincci Capital to provide strategic and focused industry knowledge, innovative structuring, and investment solutions to our client’s.

Our Values & Culture

At Vincci Capital we are committed to provide the highest standards of service to our clients, treating them as partners, as we strive for excellence in our dealings with each one. Our client’s plans, attitudes and preferences are at the core of our service spectrum making our principal objective to ensure that our business is managed with the following values and attributes in mind:

Independence. Our mission is to preserve and enhance our client’s wealth by providing truly independent, conservative, strategic and objective investment advice.

Trust. In every operation we embark on, a strong focus is put on integrity, competence, openness and transparency. We Respect ethical boundaries, and our client’s mentality is at the core of our culture.

Innovation. Our passion for investments, and pursuit of excellence is universal and unrelenting. We continuously seek ways to develop our client’s experience by refining our people, processes and performance


Statement from the CEO Stefan Roegies


It became clear to me that it was the time to open our frontiers and amplify our services towards an international community of investors. I was convinced that by forming a team based on our individual qualities and personal experiences we would be able to offer a point of difference to our clients portfolios, which has been continuously increasing day by day with some of the world’s leading business professionals in each sector.

Through our recently opened office in Miami, we will focus on American capital seeking superior investment performance across all our departments.

Vincci Capital attracts professionals due to the straightforward, honest, personal and professional pathways we take when dealing with the complexities that can arise in any department of your business worldwide.

Stefan Roegies

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