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'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'
Leonardo Da Vinci

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Thanks for your interest in Vincci Capital. We have a few guidelines for using Vincci Capital brand resources—please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

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You may not use these registered and unregistered trademarks, or those of others displayed on Vincci Capital’s website without our prior written consent of the relevant owner.

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Dark logo on light background


Light logo on dark background



Our typeface is Helvetica Neue. Please stick to the following sizes.

Headline 1 is Helvetica Neue Bold at 28px.

Headline 2 is Helvetica Neue Bold at 26px.

Headline 3 is Helvetica Neue Bold at 18px.

Paragraphs are Helvetica Neue Regular at 13px.


Dark Brown
Color hex: #554d45
C:59 M:57 Y:64 K:39

Light Brown
Color hex: #a9a29d
C: 36 M:32 Y:35 K:1

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